Apple Watch S3 is now available for purchase

This week Apple has added the launch of Apple Watch Series 3 LTE as a first-time refurbished in the market. United States.

Over the first two days, more than 10 watches have been put up for sale, and many more will be expected in the next day. Track sales via the Refurb Tracker website. Prices start at between $ 359 and $ 549, which is 15 to 16 percent cheaper than $ 70 worth of new hostel prices. New aluminum foil from the box for $ 429.

Specifically, the smartwatch was removed from Apple before it was completely sold out, completely tested and cleaned. Combine appliances, such as lugs and magnetic charging cables. In sum, the US company's refurbished products can be trusted and almost confused as new if not Check the engine numbers clearly.

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