France wins Croatia 4-2 to win history for the second time

The French pork team has created its second historical record for winning the next World Cup From Croatia, they won the final 4-2 in Russia.

Croatia have shown great form and tactics in the finals against France tonight. About the first 10 minutes of the first phase Croatia made a lot of pressure, but the French defense was well under control. France hit each with a goal in the 18th minute as a goaltender Mandzukic's own striker after the French striker Griezmann scored a free-kick.

After a 1-0 win over Croatia, Croatia continued to dominate the situation and fought hard to score 1-1 at the 28th minute by prominent Ivan Perisic. However, the draw did not last long, with the 38th minute French took the penalty Goal decided by Griezmann to lead 2-1. Late at the end of the match, Croatia had to undergo a lot of pressure, but France could have deflected goals until the end of the first period.

For the second half, the fans were very excited when Croatia saw the attack. Foot. Substitutions in the second period of Croatia were stunned. Instead, from the 55th minute, France was a dangerous counterattack.

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