What happened? Miley Cyrus canceled everything on Instagram

If you connect to Instagram and search for Miley Cyrus, you will see that the follower profile is 76.2 million. This person is still there, but the photos are still missing not only on the pictures Profile Picture is also dark.

Own Instagram Owner Miley Cyrus has canceled everything, whether it be a picture to advertise or photos of girlfriend stars Liam Hemsworth, or her cute dog image.

Everyone is wondering why Miley does this? What happened to her? Because of the similar story that happened with Taylor Swift, she had already canceled the picture. All on Instagram to promote new album "Reputation"

For now, the four reasons most people have predicted what Miley plans to do are:

1. Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth may marry soon and want to make a difference before the special day arrives

2. Is she preparing for the comeback of "The New Era"?

3. She is preparing for her tour

4. Can you plan to release new albums?

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